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Hi, i have a 550w xfx psu and i am starting to get worried that it may not be enough for my computer. Heres my specs: i5 3570k, xfx 7870 double d ghz edition, 160gb western digital 7200rpm hard drive, gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h motherboard, 2x4 gb gskill ripjaws ram, 1 dvd/cd rw drive, 3 led fans
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  1. It's enough for that...
  2. Thats fine for what you have. That psu is a good one too
  3. I don't think that 550w would be enough, sorry.

    Many PSU calculators are very complicated, but I have managed to find a really simple one from ASUS:

    This seems to work quite well, but I'm not sure it is 100% accurate. I would add 50w to whatever recommendation you get just to be on the safe side.

    When I ran your build in the calculator, it came out as minimum 550w, and then with the 50w added for error, I would say that a 550w PSU would not be enough. I would get a good Corsair or Cooler Master 650w PSU just to be safe :).
  4. That asus calculator is totally wrong a 7870 doesn't pull more than doesn't pass more than 400w total(all the parts with cpu and gpu oc)...plenty of room for 550w, especially a good unit like the xfx 550w, that can really pull ~550w...
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