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Hi, first I'm sorry if I'm not posting this in the good section, I wasn't sure where to post this.

I am building my first computer and I am doing the *external build* method. I have put everything into place, I plug in my psu to the cpu, to the graphic card and to the 24pin on my motherboard and turn my motherboard on.

Everything seems to work fine, I get a beep from the speaker but I get A6 on the led debug codes. And This appears on my monitor:

Bios Has been reset - Please decide how to continue
-Load optimized defaults then boot
-Load optimized defaults then reboot
-Enter bios

Have I did something wrong? Is the A6 code normal? And what should I click between the 3 options on my monitor? Any advices appreciated, thanks.
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    One beep means your system has posted (completed the power on self test).
    Don't know what A6 means. Look up your motherboard manual for codes.
    I would just load optimized defaults then reboot. See what happens.
    You will want to start out with optimized defaults set in the bios anyway with a fresh system.
  2. Alright thanks, I"l click on that. Also A6 means *Detect and install all currently connected SCSI devices* , I don't know what it means?
  3. Would be easier to answer with some details of your build, like mobo model. It sound like the mobo has a build in SCSI controller and is searching for connected devices, preferable bootable disks or raid arrays.
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