[SOLVED] Overscan and amd trouble - Desktop too big with overscan 0%

Hi a friend just gave me a new monitor : Viewsonic vx2260wm. I have a ATI Radeon 5870 HD.

So I plug in the new monitor through HDMI port (HDMI -> HDMI). Defaults to 1920x1080 resolution.

Everything seems OK, but then I notice that the text is way blurry, so bad its hard to read and gives me a headache.

I google some research and find this overscan scaling setting is often the problem. So I open the AMD Eagle Vision command center and I Find the scaling bar. Sure enough its at about 3% (a few nothces from the left). So I slide the bar all the way to left.

Now the text looks fine, no more blurriness BUT my desktop is too big! Left most icons are almost off the screen, same with start menu and most of the bar at the bottom.

Please help I just need to have clear text but also properly sized desktop!

Thanks in advance to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for American people!
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  1. Hey guys guess what:


    It works!

    Turns out there are two display settings for HDMI input on my monitor:

    HDMI (AV)
    HDMI (PC)

    So, after going into my menu and changing the input from HDMI (AV) to HDMI (PC), now everything is really great!

    I'm still not sure why there is a difference but I'm very happy now, the text is very crisp and size is perfect.

    Thanks for reading!
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