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The purpose of my PC is mainly for gaming. I want to play high end games at their max settings at 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Games that I have in mind are Crysis 1, warhead, 2, and 3, Far cry 3, Skyrim, WoW, BF3, Cod, Minecraft, Batman, Witcher 2.

My budget for the tower is $1000, but if I there is a cheaper build for not much less performance I'll gladly take it, an $800 build would be awesome. Alright and here goes the specs.

PC Case- HAF 912 ---------------------------------59.99
Processor-i5-3570K -------------------------------219.99
Graphics Card-EVGA GeForce GTX 660 ----------------209.99
Motherboard-ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ------------------127.99
Power Supply-OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W -------------74.99
Ram-Corsair Vengeance 8gb -------------------------40.99
Hard drive- WD Blue 1 TB Desktop Hard Drive ------82.99
Optical drive- ASUS DRW-24B1LT / 24B1ST ----------17.99
Cpu cooler-COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 ---------------29.99

Operating System-Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit-------99.99
Monitor-Samsung S23A750 (120hz 1080p)-------------339.99
Keyboard & Mouse-Logitech - MK520-----------------39.99

My questions that I would like answered.
1. Would this current build run smoothly together?
2. Would it be safe to overclock the GPU, RAM, and CPU with the items listed?
3. I'm planning on doing SLI with another 660 in the future, is the power supply enough? Answered- Will be using 850w Seasonic
4. Is there anything else I should be aware of before Overclocking and Doing SLI?
5. The 120hz Monitor is a bit out of my budget. Since my build is going to produce high frames I'm not too sure about 60hz bringing out the full potential of my build? Answered- Will definitely stick to a 1080p, 120hz, 23-24", reliable monitor. I'll be willing to spend extra as necessary.

My Reasoning for each component.

The CPU- I don't want to be skimping on such an essential component so the i5 3570k is a great cpu for doing moderate overclocks and gaming. I don't plan on upgrading for another good 4 years and I feel this is a good investment.

PC Case- Haf 912, I like the looks, the room, and airflow. It does what I need.

Graphics Card- One of the biggest reasons I picked the 660 is because it is Nvidia. Stable drivers and PhysX. Great card, nvidia brand, does what I need. Will be doing SLI in the future when necessary.

Motherboard- Asrock z77 Extreme4. Compatible with CPU and graphics card, good for overclocking. I like it.

Power Supply- Read good reviews, SLI compatible, don't know much else but sounds good.

RAM- Corsair brand is awesome, nuff said.

Hard drive- I like Western Digital, meets 1 tb minimum, may add more hard drives in future later. Not really interested in adding an SSD for operating system because I always put my computer to sleep and I only restart my computer once a week if not less frequently.

Optical Drive- Does the job, but I am interesting in those things where it has a screen displaying information on the pc (temperatures, fan speeds, whatnot) not sure if it is an optical drive component or not?

CPU cooler- Heard good reviews about it, I trust cooler master.


OS- Windows 7 is more stable on games than windows 8. Supports my hardware, does what I need.

Monitor- A bit pricey, but it is 120hz, which means less screen tearing past 60 fps and I hate having to use V-Sync.

Keyboard- It is wireless, nuff said.

Not interesting in a screen that is 27" for 1080p. It is just too big and the pixel density will be crap.

The looks of the PC Case matters, not just functionality, so keep that in mind. I like flashy leds and See through panes giving that high tech look.

Nvidia brand for GPU. Never had a problem with them before (excluding some of their manufacturers). PhysX runs like crap on ATI and I don't want to be missing out on that feature either.
Nevertheless I'm open to hear suggestions for ATI cards, but you'll have to be real good and smooth to talk me into it!
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  1. You can get the ASUS VS238H-P monitor (1080p 23") for half the cost of the Samsung, and the difference would pay for an SSD. Nearly every gaming build out there includes an SSD, and I'm not sure why putting PC to sleep and rarely restarting has anything to do with why not to get an SSD. The benefit of an SSD isn't just for fast booting. The motherboard and RAM can OC easily but if you have future plans for SLI with two graphics cards, you'll need a lot more than 600W PSU.
  2. ASUS VS238H-P- Yeah, it's a pretty good monitor all round and it would be nice to save a few bucks, but it isn't a 120hz.
    My concern is having to use v-sync, which caps me at 60fps on games and if the frames goes down it hits 30 and the drop in frames is noticeable.
    With 120hz, I don't have to enable V-sync or at least the tearing won't be as noticeable.
    I know with most games this system is going to push 100+ frames and I want to let the my system "breathe"

    About the power supply, how about 750w? Could you suggest a good one for me? I'm looking for good cable management and a trusted brand.

    And what are the benefits of an ssd besides booting? I know you could store some of your most frequently accessed games on it, but most of my games will be stored on the main hard drive anyways, so I don't see it as that important.
  3. Here's what I would get for PSU, it's actually 850W but right now on NewEgg after $20 rebate it's cheaper than 750W and it's fully modular for cable management.

    If you're mostly concerned about FPS, SSD won't help you there so don't bother. There are many benefits of SSD's but if you don't plan on storing games on it, there's no reason to have one. I would, however, recommend finding a 10K RPM drive in your price range.

    You mentioned the 120hz monitor being out of your price range, which is why I mentioned the one I have, but I'm not a gamer so I'm not as concerned with refresh or fps.
  4. Well I've decided to commit to the 120hz monitors after a bit of weighing in.
    I found some other 120hz monitors around the $250 range which I'm much more comfortable with.

    The 10k rpm drive does sound really good, I'll look into that. I'm not too picky about the drive speed, but I like a good balance of speed + space. I'm going to have lots of games and I don't like picking favorites to throw in the SSD :\

    I really like the PSU you suggested I'll reconsider that as my PSU.

    A MSI 660ti is probably going to be my video card of choice because it has more overclocking potential and speed than the 660.

    For this system last for 4 years or more.
    What I plan to do once I get the build set up is, play for a year on stock speeds with the CPU and Graphics card. Then I'll start overclocking when I need more speed on new games.
    Then finally I'll throw in another 660ti for SLI around 2015.
    I'll just be using air cooling.
  5. That PSU will handle anything you throw at it, including 660ti SLI.
    You definitely should go with instinct and find the best deal you can on 120hz monitor.

    Regarding 10K RPM drives, I just want to make sure I wasn't misleading you into thinking you'll get better gaming performance. SSD's and 10K RPM drives give your system more overall zip (read/write, fast boot) but you'll get much less space at that speed for the money.
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