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My dad has always been a military buff. I remember him playing old jet fighter games when I was growing up. He recently got an iPad for work and I saw him playing a handful of jet fighter games and shooters. I had just finished my new build so I showed him bf3 while he was visiting. He seemed really excited so I'm kicking around the idea of a budget build for him. He'll only be playing the campaigns so I'll only need enough power and processing for offline play. I'm figuring a lower end i5, 560 or 660 or ati?, mobo?, psu? What would you recommend for his needs? He'll need internet for normal usage so I'll be adding a wifi card to hook up to their old (and slow) dsl through a downstairs router.

He''ll be a simple user-no oc and won't fiddle with drivers or even many in-game settings. I'd like something that I can setup and have him be set for most games. I won't be around to tweak things for him.

I'm willing to buy used and value is the goal since he is far from an enthusiast. Assume he'll be playing on a mid-lower end 1080p tn monitor. Mostly FPS campaigns (Battlefield(s) and COD(s) since that is what I already own)

Thanks for the help!
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  1. These were perfect. The 400 link at the beginning should be plenty. Thanks!
  2. Alright! Hope your dad has fun playing BF3.
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