GeForce GT 520 HDMI not working

Hello, I have had my GeForce GT 520 for about a year, I love it and I've never had a problem until today. Here is the exact product:

I have one DVI port hooked up to a VGA converter to an old small emachines monitor. The other DVI is empty. The Hdmi port is hooked up to a SANYO TV. I used both displays for a few hours this morning, then while typing a paper on Edgar F. Codd on the smaller emachines monitor, I swapped the TV input to watch television. I have done this many times before and never had a problem. When I swapped the tv back to the TV's HDMI input it shows a solid black screen. The small monitor is working fine. The computer is recognizing the tv and thinks everything is fine. I swapped out the hdmi cord, for another DVI converted to VGA and got the same result on my TV's VGA input. A solid black screen. I know it's getting signal because when the tv is not getting signal it displays "No Signal" on the screen. And this does not appear. I have checked my drivers, they are up to date, I have swapped the primary secondary display options to no avail I even checked my brightness and hue settings. on both my machine and the TV.' and yet nothing. I did find this in the forum but it does not help.

Please help! thanks in advance :)
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  1. So, I took out the gt 520 card and rebooted to my onboard geforce 9100 vga display and the tv display showed up then i put the 520 card back in and now the tv will work on the dvi to vga converter but the hdmi still isn't showing, does this confirm it to be either the hdmi cord or the hdmi port on my 520 card?
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