Trinity APU 7660g performance

I've been mulling over the thinkpad edge 535 for school use, it's only about 610 bucks configured how I want it.
Has a trinity a10 4600m cpu with the onboard 7660g graphics. I would pair this with 8 gigs of dual channel 1600mhz ram and an ssd, what kind of games could it run at the native res of the laptop (1366-768)?
Aren't many reviews of it so I'm not sure, I know it's no gaming rig but I'm still curious. Like how well does it run bad company 2/bf3, could it run planetside 2? Would really appreciate any feedback from people with this APU or who have knowledge of the matter.
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  1. It's around a Radeon HD 5570 or a "Radeon HD 6550" if such a card ever existed.

    Probably medium quality graphics or at worse a mix of low and medium settings.
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