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If i put 2 hd 7850's in a am3+ crossfire motherboard with a phenom ii x4 965 black edition will the cpu bottleneck the graphics cards or is it possible to just overclock the cpu and then have it not bottle neck it.

or if you know of another crossfire build that is just as good but won't bottleneck then please tell me
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  1. Well there is no way to tell if it will bottleneck in all honesty. I don't think it will, but it is within the realm of possibility.
  2. well i guess i will find out. :) oh well if it does i can always sell one of the graphic cards and keep the other since it will play all the games i want by itself
  3. then why are you looking at getting a 2nd one at all if the first does everything you like.

    maybe save some more money and get a new Mobo, CPU & RAM (3570k etc)
  4. It depends on the game. There is no answer to that question except in relation to specific games.
  5. they shouldnt bottleneck, do you already have both? if not why not spring for a 7850?
  6. I already have a hd 7770 but its the cheapest one in its category.
    I build my computer myself and am stuck at home on bedrest with a sports injury so my mom is offering to buy me a new graphics card('s) as a get well/christmas present.
    I love my cpu and have not had any problems with it yet.
    the only reason i am ok with her buying a gpu is becasue i can barely overclock the one i have now and it doesn't even crossfire so i am deffinetly wanting a better card.
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