First build, everything turns on, no screen..

Ok, over a few month I have bought the parts to build my first computer. i finally put it together and everything turns on fine, CD drive works, fans work LED's work etc but no beeps and nothing coming up on the screen. Now after searching about trying different things i fiddled with the CPU, after this it now turns on for a brief moment then back off, so i may have caused a problem involving the CPU..

My spec:
GIGABYTE H77-DS3H motherboard
Intel i5 3570k 3.4ghz CPU
1TB seagate HD
Radeon HD6870 Gcard
ZS series OCZ 550W PSU

anything else just ask and im bit of a noob at computers atm :)
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  1. Make sure everything is plugged in.

    Make sure none of the CPU pins are bent.

    Try to boot with only 1 RAM DIMM installed

    Try to boot off of the integrated GPU
  2. the heat sink is sitting on the processor correctly? even cocked a little bit it will heat up and the machine will shut down.

    the power cable is plugged in up by the processor? ( 4/8 pin )

    pull the video card. plug monitor into the motherboard. ( you did plug the cable into the video card when it was in correct? )
  3. Yes, checked several times everything is plugged in, the CPU and the pins seem fine and it worked before with both (still nothing on the screen)

    yeah the heat sink is sat correctly all 4 pegs locked down, but it must be something to do with the processor though as it all ran for as long as it did till i turned off the power till I re-installed the CPU and now its on for a second, so maybe I have made a fault on the cooler? I plugged it in VGA with an old moniter then tried HDMI through my TV through the video card
  4. reset cmos. what happens?
  5. Sorry what is that, how do i do it?
  6. there's a jumper on the board. read the booklet that came with your motherboard. move from pins it's on to pins listed and then move it back to it's original spot.

    ( look at all the purdy pictures in the booklet. eventually you'll come across it. )
  7. Ah, after looking at the CPU i noticed somehow, the corner had bent in a fair bit. after bending it back as best i could tried turning it back on and now it turns on for about 5 seconds before turning off, then 5 seconds later turning back on. Any suggestions? I'll try resetting the cmos now
  8. if corner of the cpu is bent and its not making contact with the pins on the motherboard that would be a problem.
  9. I tried bending it back as much as i can and it's made an improvement of like 4 seconds it will power up for, does that mean i should try a bit further to reconnect with all the pins, or is it worthless trying?
  10. i would contact whoever you bought it from and RMA it. the last thing you want to do is bend pins on the mb. they usually give you a hard time about trying to RMA a motherboard with bent pins. even if you didnt bend them.
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