HDMI source to DVI monitor and audio?

I need a way to plug my HDMI-out Roku into my DVI/VGA in monitor-with a seperate audio out. Is there a converter to do this?

TV tuners was the closest I could find.
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  1. Monoprice makes a great adapter that does just this (needed one myself for Blu, HDDVD, and PC-DP to my 'old' Pana 60" with DVI in). Monoprice product #5557. Use the better quality HDMI cables (#3991), then of course a basic HDMI-to-DVI plug adapter (got mine off ebay). Audio runs from the adapter box to your monitor (standard 3.5mm audio patch cable, like a headphone cable).

    This setup works awesome, and I've split the audio to both my tv and stereo system.

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