No option to go into BIOS at bootup

Hey guys, I have an Asus P8Z77V Pro motherboard, ever since I updated the Bios I don't get the option to into the Bios menu at bootup when pressing DEL. It automatically goes to Windows loading screen and then desktop pops up.

Is it because I set the CSM in the BIOS to Auto? I did this because the first bootup after updating Bios I got a "error loading operating system".

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Just tap the DEL key repeatedly as you boot
  2. On some mobo's there's a button you can press that boots you into your BIOS.
  3. For the P8Z77-V motherboards tapping DEL on startup will enter the BIOS but it's a bit picky about exactly when so it's best just to mash the key right from hitting the power button.

    The F2 key also accesses the BIOS when the BIOS image appears, though I'm sure you can just mash F2 as well.
  4. Thats the thing, the BIOS image doesn't appear. :/
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