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Core 2 Quad Q8400 Gaming

January 5, 2013 10:10:29 PM

Ok so any of you who know me know i have a core i5 3570k with a GTX560 Ti but that machine is getting sn upgrade soon to a radeon card either a 7950 or a 8950 when it arrives on the market, and my question is how well would my old beloved core 2 quad handle the GTX560 as my main first person shoot machine. The i5 is getting the graphics card so it will run my 3 32" samsung monitors for my car simulator.

The main games i would play on the core 2 quad would be Battlefield 3, modern warfare 3, crossfire, combat arms, crysis franchise, spec ops the line, counterstrike series and a few others.

The specs of the machine would be

Core 2 quad Q8400 2.66GHZ
4gb DDr2 ram

I will need to feed the machine a new power supply but thats no big deal
So how would the quad perform with my fps games?
I have a pretty good idea of how it will perform as the pace which its currently running with my old GT430 i would just like to double check. Screen resolution is 1366x768
And specs for the i5 sfter the upgrade for those nterested
Core i5 3570k 3.4GHZ
8gb DDR3
Asus P8H61-m LE
2x 500gb Samsung sata 2 7200rpm HDD
Hd radeon 7950 or HD Radeon 8950
Aopen Nagas G5 case

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