Does any one know anything about this brand?

Im thinkin about getting a Hannspree hf229h monitor for a little of nothing (trading some 360 games for it) and was wondering if any one knows anything about this brand? Good bad ill take it! lol
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  1. Wrong section mate.
  2. Wrong section :P

    but I have never heard of that brand myself, I googled it and found some good reviews...its okay to take it.
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    As I understand it hannspree is the low end of hansgee. Hansgee being low end itself. They generally have decent prices and ok reviews. But my friend who runs the tech department for a company had a bad experience with them. So I avoid them.

    if it's working, looks ok, and it's a good deal/trade id say go for it.
  4. I have a 23" Hannspree monitor that is still working well after two years. No dead pixels. Speakers sound just like they did when new... horrible. The non-glare coating causes colors to appear washed-out. But for the price it was a fair deal. However, for $40 more my ASUS 24" monitor makes the Hanspree look like junk.
  5. Ok thank you guys, im only giving a couple of xbox 360 games and an old turtle beach headset so im not out much.
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