Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Doesn't Respond

Hello there, got a very very strange issue with Comfort Curve keyboard 2000 got it like 2 years, was using Gigabyte P55-USB3 (1156 socket) was working fine, recently i changed into (Gigabyte B75-D3V also got new CPU Intel Core i3 1155 socket). So when i got the new motherboard Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 sometimes very rare it would not respond at Windows 7 Startup. Num Lock Light is on , but it wont go off or it wont type anything also Device and Printers says Keyboard is connected without problems and Device manager says that USB Ports and Keyboard Working fine "Dafuck?" , the only way to fix it temporary is to restart computer or to unplug and then plug it back. i thought that was faulty USB port but it's not, using new Wired keyboard 600 and works Perfectly Fine.
found alot reports for this keyboard for being bad at google - newegg - Amazon, "comfort curve keyboard 2000 static charge build up" but not sure if it's that the problem may was so unlucky and keyboard got broken when i changed Motherboard too. :P
got the latest Keyboard Drivers.
got lastest BIOS update.
got the latest USB Drivers.
Notes: I dont know if that counts but new Motherboard also got "Legacy USB Support" the old one didn't had that.
Any ideas what could cause that problem?
Also noticed that the Comfort Curve keyboard 2000 "Num Lock Light" During the bootup follows the same "rotation" with a PS2 Keyboard.... Light is On at BIOS Goes Off for Windows Loading then comes back On.
at Wired Keyboard 600 "Num lock Light" Is Off During BIOS , Come On at Windows Loading. (WARNING BOTH KEYBOARDS WORK DURING BIOS), dont know if all these notes helped.
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  1. No ideas anyone? is anyone here?:P
  2. Any ideas what could cause that problem?
  3. Get you get the latest drivers for the keyboard?
  4. i got the latest drivers like i'm saying at the info above:)
  5. yes test finished for the new keyboard (Wired Keyboard 600) works perfectly on my PC.
    Note: Tried Wired Keyboard 600 Works Perfect . This happens at Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 due to static charge build up alot reports at google for it , keyboard design seems to be faulty. There is a known problem which causes some keys to randomly stop working altogether. Search the web for "comfort curve 2000 static charge build up". Thread closed
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