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I want to host a home server and a couple of other things from my home office and I could do this all from my main pc but I move my gamer around from place to place so I want a cheap build that I could leave on almost 24/7. I have a 500GB HDD lying around that I can use for the storage drive but the rest of the parts I need help with. Also comments on this for that build would be nice.
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  1. LOL complete Fail on the thread title, your not going to get many responses.
  2. haha, I misread the title correctly it seems. If this just your personal server you can use just about anything, as long as you can boot it and get online. If its going to have any sort of load from multiple users, like webhosting or game hosting, then it needs a couple specific specs.
  3. Thanks for bring the title to my attention, I reposted this with a correct title.
  4. The response depends on what you need. What is it that you're planning on doing with this build? Storing pictures, movies, documents? Doing any sort of computing? Game server?

    PS Gotta love the thread title!
  5. It will store backups of between 3-5 computers, also a Minecraft server for a couple of people (10 max), and it will host a webpage.
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