Video Card Benchmarking softwares?

I was just wondering what programs/softwares can i used to check my video card benchmarks/scores. I hope you get what i mean.. :)

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  1. 3D Mark 11 is what most use and you can get the basic version of it free. Though its more a test of graphical performance overall, so the CPU will be a factor in some tests.
  2. One of the most popular free gaming benchmarks in existence, FRAPS is different from all of the other free benchmark testing software because it is the only non-synthetic benchmark. Rather than putting your computer through a series of tests which are designed to judge its overall performance, FRAPS records how your computer actually performs.

    FRAPS does this by capturing information about how many frames per second your computer is producing while in games. A higher number of frames per second is always preferable and results in smoother gameplay. FRAPS will work with any game, from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty 4, and it is capable of both displaying your current frame rates in real-time on your screen and recording the frame rate data to a log file.

    FRAPS’s benchmarking functionality is completely free. FRAPS does have a paid version, but the features unlocked in the paid version of FRAPS have nothing to do with benchmarking your computer.
  3. I've already used Fraps. Im looking for those softwares that they use in youtube :P Such as something with a "heaven" in the name, or similar programs such as 3D Mark

    What could you suggest sir?
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    fraps is NOT a benchmark. It just measures fps. many games have benchmarks built in. But the main ones are 3Dmark and unigine heaven
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  6. ^That's exactly what i was looking for. Unigine Heaven :D
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