Asus vs Sapphire Radeon hd 7770

Basically i can get either at the same price. The reason being because i ordered the sapphire and they were out of stock so they're willing to put an Asus one in. Can anyone talk about the differences and whether the Asus is better not. The guy said the Asus is more expensive because it has a better cooling system or something like that.

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    Sapphire 7770 = "got packed a cooling solution of much higher quality than the usual one"

    Asus 7770 = "nothing but the best of this quiet and efficient cooling solution"

    Conclusion: "The cards were just too similar to avoid delving into details in search for the winner."

    Also, Sapphire has the Vapor-X version which has a better cooling solution:

    Or you can save some money and get the HD 7850 which is better:
  4. I second the 7850. Great card. Otherwise, either 7770 will do the trick. Or the Vapor-X version
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