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Hello everyone, I have an alienware that i built about a year ago and its done completely fine up until now. The problem is that the last few days my computer gets really really loud when i open up a game or any intensive programs. Its coming from the system fan that blows air out of the back of the computer, its also attached to the liquid cooling unit. Its never been this loud before and the other day it got stuck like that even after closing the programs i was in. I shutdown my computer and dusted and reconnected every fan, the liquid cooling pump, the ram, gpu, everything. Not sure exactly what fixed it but the problem went away for about a day. Now its back again. The thermal controller shows that the computer is at a cool 26C which goes up to about 35C after hours of gaming. When i open a game the fan shoots up to 4000rpms which is way more than needed. So my question is, do you think this is a software problem? Maybe a sensor? My only other guess would be that maybe i need a stronger PSU. Thanks for any advice.


cpu - i5 2500k @ 4.0
gpu - twinfrozer gtx 580
ram - 8gb corsair vengeance @ 1666
psu - 600W corsair
alienware liquid cooling pump (just the one the comp came with, not sure of a brand)
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    I would agree with the sensor. Check all the temps when it happens and then look at what the cooling profile for your fan is (assuming you use some sort of fan speed program).
  2. Ok ill check it out thanks for the reply!
  3. jnkweaver is almost certainly correct, sounds like it's the sensor misreporting to the fan. If you have a fan controller with sufficient options you may be able to set it to either operate at a flat rate somewhere in the middle of what you need.

    Is the sound coming from the fan smooth like normal operation (a gentle hum usually, though can be distorted to sound sharper through cooling vents) or is the sound rougher and more ill defined?

    If it's the latter you might be looking at a damaged bearing.
  4. So right now the fan is loud and im checking the temps and my computer reports all sensors are reading 26 or 27 C and the system fan is ramped up to 3970 rpms. @WskOsc The sound is a gentle hum it doesn't sound erratic or anything its just very very loud yet smooth. Im thinking its a sensor but i don't know how to fix it. The software lets me control the cpu fan and the hard drive fan and that's all. I cant do anything about the system fan that pulls air out of the computer.
  5. I found this review on speedfan which is a freeware program that should work.

    Can't remember which program I use now. Will have to wait until I get home.
  6. Problem is fixed. So i ran a diagnostic of my alienware sensors and it turns out none of them are responding anymore but for some reason they are still showing temps. So i downloaded hwmonitor and when stressed my processor was maxing out at 98C. So the fan was actually doing its job i was just thrown off by alienwares faulty sensors. After taking out the processor turns out the overheating was caused by two things. The thermal paste was squished to one corner of the chip so i spread it back out evenly. The second problem is what really confuses me. I decided to check out my overclock to make sure it was still at the 3.8 clock that ive used since the computer was built. Needless to say i was shocked when discovering bios read my clock at 4.6GHz!! Thats way more than i ever would have even tried to push cpu. I still have no idea why or how this could have happened cus i know for a fact that i never clocked it that high. Well everythings working normal again atleast. Thanks for the help guys.
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