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Hi, I just finished installing my first build, all the components are in the case, I have attached every cords to the good components(at least I thing so) and I receive 1 beep when I power on the computer.

But this appears on my monitor:
Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press a key_

Is this normal? If not, what should I do to try to fix this? Also, I get A3 on the debug led codes is this normal? What should I do next, imediatly instal windows? Please any advices are appreciated, thanks.

Edit: Also the A3 code on the debug led means *Activated all currently connected IDE devices*. I don't know what this means.
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  1. put your windows dvd in, reboot and boot off the dvd. then install windows. you might have to set the dvd as the first boot device or depending on your motherboard you can hit usually something like F11 or F12 to get a list of all devices you can boot from.
  2. Thanks a lot, I wasn't sure if I had a problem or if it was actually time to download windows.
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    if you still see a debug error when your you start booting off the windows dvd then there's a problem.
  4. on new mb there two sata controllers..check that you have your drives connected to the intel sata ports. also before you install windows make sure the sata ports are set to achi mode not ide or raid.
  5. If you're not booting off the DVD just choose the device you'll be booting off of in the BIOS
  6. Thanks everyone, windows 7 installed! Just need to updates all the drivers and I'm ready to use the computer!
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