Disabling Anti Aliasing on Catalyst Control Center 12.10

I've been having some problems with frame rate recently on a few games, and I noticed that with a Geforce card, disabling Anti Aliasing solved a lot of it. However with an AMD card, specifically a Gigabyte 7970, with the Catalyst Control Center version 12.10, there is no option for disabling AA altogether; they just have "Use Application settings" "Enhance application settings" and "Override application settings". I'm really not that experienced with CCC, is there some way around this to force-disable AA for certain games?
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  1. If you set CCC to "use application settings" and then turn off AA in whatever game you are running then there won't be any AA, so that won't be causing a problem. To be honest I don't think you should be having performance problems with an HD7970, so it's probably something else like a bottleneck somewhere else in your PC.

    What's your system specs?
    What games are you having problems with?
  2. it's an old game - final fantasy xi. it's been having compatibility issues with the latest cards. i also have a geforce gtx 670, and with that card if i set everything to 'use application settings' in the nvidia control panel, i still experience problems, namely low frame rate. but if i specifically set AA to 'off' it seems to fix alot of it. i have no idea why that's the case but it is, so i'm trying to do something similar to with the 7970 if i can.

    i-5 2500k sandy bridge with 8gigs of ram.
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