Mobility radeon 4650 going above temp limits, and solution?????

hi all,
i have hp dv6 1215 laptop and it contains ati 4650 discrete card.
initially when i bought it some 3 years ago its gpu core temp raised to 80 to 85 C, but for a year or so the gpu temp is going above the limits and reaching consistantly 110 C and above this is while playing modern games like COD and AC3, and my laptop shuts down within 15 minutes, i don't know what is the problem with this brand of the laptop

anyone technical enough would suggest me any solutions, how can i bring the temp down, should i replace the fan or whatever....

i would be more than glad to know the solution if any exists.
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  1. Could be the fan and heatsink having a build up of dust which blocks the airflow. Try opening it up and cleaning the heatsink (with a hoover or something similar) if possible.
  2. there is no problem with the dust blocking airflow although i have noticed that the air flow from the vents have reduced quiet a bit from when the laptop was new, but i have already checked it by opening it and there was no dust accumulating in it..

    i suspect that either thermal pastes are not working or the fan is runnig at slow speed not at rated e.g., 1400 rpm............. :sarcastic:
  3. Replace the thermal paste with some MX-4 or similar modern paste.

    It is a world of difference. I did this to my GT 525m and it runs so much happier now (OCed to 815Mhz from 600mhz)

    The stuff they use from the manufacturer is really dry and cracks all over. Crappy TIM.
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