Low FPS With High End system?

If you've seen my last thread I posted that I fixed the problem, it wasn't crashing anymore, I was get 80+ fps on Black Ops 2, and everything worked perfectly. Now I updated the drivers and The FPS is below 20 fps? I will be going out to Micro center and buying a new power supply, An Antec High current game 750w, but I might go with the 900w because its just $10 more expensive with good reviews and things I can easily replace like the fan or something making a wind-like sound. I tried going back to the older drivers, like 12.3, and 12.6 but that didn't help. The only time it actually worked for a few minutes was when i uninstalled the drivers? I tried beta drivers and that didn't help. :??: If you think its something other than the power supply, please say before i spend my money. :)

Asrock Z77 Pro4 Motherboard

i5 3570k @4.5ghz water cooled (upgrade from last post)

Kingston HyperX Genisis 8gb Dual Channel DDR3 @ 1600mhz (upgrading to 16gb when I start getting more into editing)

MSI Hawk Radeon HD 7870 @ 1100mhz MEM clock @ 1200mhz (Upgrading to CrossfireX when i get un 20 fps on newer games :P)

Hitatchi HDD 500gb 5200rpm (upgrading soon in a few years or till' i run out of space)

CoolerMaster Storm Scout (upgrading to Switch 810 when I upgrade to XS-PC Water Cooling kit)

Thermaltake TR-2 600w (upgrading tomorrow :P)
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  1. do you have the same problems on the stock clocks?
  2. jonjonjon said:
    do you have the same problems on the stock clocks?

    Yes, I overclocked it and took the cooler out of another build (Corsair H50) and stuck it on to try to see if it works. pretty much I had it stock and overclocked to try to fix. I am taking it off though because my the cooler cant handle 4.5ghz! Should've put that in the post.
  3. i was talking about the video card but now i see that its factory overclocked.
  4. By the way I might get 900w for futureproofing
  5. jonjonjon said:
    i was talking about the video card but now i see that its factory overclocked.

    It was overclocked out the box
  6. Got a cx750m , they didnt have any good seasonics in stock or xfx (rebranded seasonic) so went with the second best, Corsair. Did i do good?
  7. It got my fps up to 60, which is 20fps slower than what it could be on toms's article about the fps with certain cards. I tried uninstalling the latest drivers and somehow my amd card worked with the intel drivers on my intergrated graphics and got 120 fps -_-
    I dont like amd drivers :/
  8. what game? i highly doubt your integrated graphics are getting 120FPS on any AAA game.
  9. I got up to it on Black ops 2. Havent tried BF3 but its still good. By the way i noticed on reg settings my gpu is getting 91 C? and the problem was CCC. the Overdrive Was not responding right
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