1080p tv bs 1080p monitor with hd 7770

Ok so i have an hd 7770 in my computer and am looking to buy a screen/tv for it.
Now i really want to buy a 40" 1080p tv but i was wondering would that require a better graphics card as for it size or would it actually be easier then buying a monitor of the same resolution?

I really don't want to buy a monitor i just want to know if an hd 7770 can play the games with less energy because of it being a tv and not a monitor?
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  1. same res. same res. 1920x1080 is always 1920x1080 no matter if the screen is 20 inch or 80 inch. a monitor will look better higher pixel density per square inch smaller screen 1920x1080 = 2073600 pixels bigger the screen the bigger the pixels are streching to fit and no your comp is going to use the same power pushing 1080 on a small or large screen a monitor itself might use less power out the wall than a 40inch screen.
  2. that makes sense. i was worried that because the screen was larger i would need a better graphics card for it.
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