What happend to SCSI CDRW'S? (die hard SCSI freak)

Hey guys I haven't been in the market for a CDRW drive in a while. But as always I have been a DIE-HARD SCSI user as well as a huge-fan of Plextor CDRW drives.

My current system is:

Windows XP PRO (clean install)
ABIT KG7-RAID, with 1 GIG of CRUCIAL DDR/ Athlon 1.4GHZ
Adaptec 29160, Cheetah X15 second gen 15K Ultra 160 18.4G
Plextor UltraPlexWIDE 40X CD-ROM and Plextor 12x4x32 CDRW
Maxtor 40G 7200rpm ATA-100

That is the main parts of my system.. My first AMD system ROCK solid I love it.

I cannot beleive that Plextor dropped SCSI like a bad habit. I never followed up on anything IDE, so now I am lost as to which burners are the best. My Plextor 12x4x32 still works great, but I want to make the move to a 24X drive.

Are these new 24X IDE monsters as good as my reliable 12x4x32 Plextor? I know they have these burn proof options now, but I would love to stick with something SCSI.

Any input would be great, as to why SCSI BURNERS seemed to have dropped off the planet, I am assuming because of burn-proof technology that IDE burners are finally as good and reliable as SCSI drives.

(HELPFUL TIP FOR XP USERS). If you did a clean install of XP and have an adaptec SCSI card with a Plextor CDRW drive, use the latest version of the Windows 2000 driver for your SCSI CARD. The built in XP driver is the same driver as the FIRST Win2K driver and CD burnin does not work! You get buffer under-runs. I installed the latest Win2K driver for my SCSI card in XP, and all my buffer-underrun problems are gone.

I just want a new 24X burner, 12X seems so slow. I will also put my UltraPlexWIDE 40X CD-ROM up to any of those 56X IDE crappers anyday.

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  1. I just bought the above Yamaha CD RW. I am a newbie on cd burners... To answer the last guy's question, this is supposed to be a pretty good burner; it's 20x 10-40-40...

    Meanwhile, I know nothing about SCSI, didn't know that I would need an adapter card. So does it matter which type I get; what is the price range; etc.

    Please help!! thanks, Mimi
  2. Hi There!

    Nice system mate. I wouldn't mind one of those lovely Seagate Cheetah 15K's myself.

    Anyway your question: I used to be die hard SCSI myself and to be honest I've found that IDE drives are fine. My Pleccy 24x CDRW is great. I use a Plex 40x SCSI for reading and burn on the IDE burner. No problems whatsoever.

    If you want any further info please ask.
  3. Fast reliable IDE cdrw drives, even faster IDE hard drives, fast CPU's and most importantly burnproof technology has negated most of the advantages that scsi traditionally enjoyed.
    i.e. fast uninterupted data rates, and when data was interrupted, burnproof and its daughters prevented coaster creation

    i once burnt an audio cd with 173 avoided buffer underruns, and it sounded perfectly (found out later win2k had reset put dvd & cdrw to PIO mode)

    plus ide burners are so cheap, seems that scsi is fading away :(

    The only loyalties i have is to Performance, Cost
    Reliability and the Truth.
  4. I'm also in the market for a SCISI burner. My new system is almost done and will be a desginated system for recording audio in a studio. I have to have have my CDRW's and DVD/CD Roms on SCISI the way my system is set up.I was looking into the new Yamaha drives but they are not offered in SCISI.I would like to have something with overburn and some of the new features that a lot of the new drives are coming with. Any suggestions??? Please Help!!

    Asus CUVX4-DLS
    Dual PIII 1 Gig
    Seagate Baracudda IDE
    Seagate Baracudda SCISI
    1Gig SDRAM
    Matrox G-450
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