Should I upgrade to a i7-3770(non-K)??

Hey everyone,
I have recently assembled a new PC.Specs are:
CPU : i5-3450
RAM : 8 GB Corsair Venegance DDR3-1600
GPU : GTX 650 Ti
Now, I was wondering whether you think I should upgrade my CPU for future proofing/prevention of bottleneck(although I think it's pretty well-rounded at the moment). I'm absolutely not interested in o/cing the CPU(and my motherboard doesn't allow me to either),so the i5-3570k/i7-3770k is not really good value. I can overclock my GPU, though , if it were to cause a bottleneck with the i7.

Oh yeah, It's mainly used for gaming.
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  1. i5-3450 is pretty much the same as 3770 without hyperthreading
  2. Your GPU won't bottleneck a pentium let alone an i7. Your current CPU will not bottleneck any GPU at all. If you want better gaming performance, upgrade the GPU. Changing the CPU to an i7 won't get you any more gaming performance.

    I have an i3 and a 7870 and there isn't even close to a bottleneck.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies :)
    I already have a very good gaming experience(all my games work maxed out @ 1080p and constantly above 30 fps).
    Actually,I've used a 9500GT(sucks,I know) on a P4 2.8/3.0Ghz and there was a terrible bottleneck by the CPU. Also, I've read posts about how the I3-540 somewhat bottlenecks this card.Just wanted to confirm.
    And by the way, I can overclock my CPU IF I get a different mobo/unlocked CPU combo for...say 250/300$.
  4. To answer your original question, there is no point in upgrading your cpu to the i7-3770. If you're going to upgrade anything, it should be the GPU or getting an SSD (but that would require a lot more work).

    Wait til you see how the next gen GPU's are and then think about upgrading.

    Also, did you mean you have DDR3 ram?
  5. Oops :P yeah its ddr3. I havent considered a SSD or GPU Upgrade as they're out of my budget.
  6. SunnyChrono6 said:
    Oops :P yeah its ddr3. I havent considered a SSD or GPU Upgrade as they're out of my budget.

    I think you could afford to wait then. It's not like the gtx 650 Ti is a bad GPU at all.

    Just save up over the next year or two and then see what you can afford to get. Toms doesn't even recommend upgrading until the new part is 3 or more tiers above your current hardware anyways. See their CPU/GPU (and now SSD) "best of the month" articles if you don't know what I'm talking about.
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