Performance difference btw 12.6 and 12.10 catalyst drivers x64

hi all,

i just wana know that what is the performance improvement between catalyst 12.6 and 12.10 drivers for mobility radeon hd 4650. i have installed 12.6 official signed drivers from ati. but there are available 12.10 beta modded drivers on some website i saw.. have anybody of you tested those on their gpu and are there any bugs or issues in them or are they better in performance, should i switch to the modded drivers or stick with the ones i have, currently there are no problems with my system, just curious to know...............
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  1. The new "Never Settle" drivers from AMD (12.10/12.11) are primarily for the HD 7000 series GPUs. Previous generations will not really benefit from them, if at all. There have even been reports of bugs when using the new drivers with old cards.

    Basically I wouldn't bother updating the driver unless you specifically need to.
  2. As said above. Your gpu is so old it's as optimized as it's gonna get driver wise. They even dropped the 4xxxs from every release some time ago because there is just nothing left to do. all that can be done is bug fixes for new games. I wouldn't discourage updating.... But there us really no reason to unless you have a problem with a new game
  3. Also "beta modded drivers on some websites you saw"???? just wow. Get your drivers from AMD
  4. the problem for my upgrade thinking is that my gpu is overheating alot, more than 106 C while playing AC3 and shuting down the laptop. thats why i was thinking that may be updating driver may be of some use and also it could add some extra frames to AC3 play as i am getting only 30-40 fps on low settings.

    and also i saw the drivers on these are moded drivers which are spoofed to work on win 7 x64. as officialy amd have discontinued support for legacy devices drivers from 12.6.

    its a new stuff so i thought i might try out the new ones.
  5. The 4xxxs drivers are NOT discontinued. They just are not for every release as there is not much left to do. If you are over heating that is a hardware problem. The BEST course if action is to disassemble the laptop, blow out the dust, and replace the thermal paste. Not everyone can do that though. If you know a "geek".they may help. Laptops are not fun to take apart for an average user though. If you can't take it apart blow out the vents with compressed air and maybe get a cooling pad
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