AMD cards w/ 5 outputs, support 5 independent monitors?

Hi fellas,

For once, I actually have a question, it's more out of curiosity than anything else.
As the title states, many AIB partners make cards such as the 7950 with 2 DVI outputs along with the normal HDMI and 2 miniDP ports. That's a total of 5 video outputs. Do those cards support 5 independent displays? And if yes, could they be used in Eyefinity? I'm well aware there are specific cards already out there for Eyefinity 6 etc. Was just wondering about those cards with 5 video outputs.

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  1. No. They do not. Well. They do. Sort of. one of the hdmi and DVI ports share the signal. You can only use 2 of those 3 connections . you MUST use display port for any additional monitors. There are active single link DVI adapters for act 15 bucks.

    Now why I say sort of.... The newer display port spec actually supports driving three monitors off one display port, making eyefinity 6 unnecessary. The problem is display port is STILL not taking off. There are very few monitors that allow the daisy chaining to make this work, and the adapters the can run 3 DVI monitors off one display port are taking a long time to come to market and are expected to be very expensive.

    practically don't expect to run more than 4 off a non eyefinity 6 card right now if you're a normal user
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