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I was wondering if someone could help. I have a PC locked in a comms room that is used as a controller for for two screens in a customer service office. Both screens have to show a contact centre reporting utility.

The PC has two nVidia GT 620's, because the screens are so far away from the PC I have it set up like so :

1. from the screen i have a HDMI cable to a media converter
2. from the media converter i am connected via Cat5 to a patch panel
3 from the patch panel Cat5 to another media converter
4 from media converter to PC via HDMI

I have the nVidia control panel installed but i can't see an option to duplicate the screen, even if do the shortcut "windows key + P" im not seeing the option to duplicate the screen.

Would anyone be able to guide me in the right direction?

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  1. I wouldn't imagine that the hardware on the other end of the cable from the monitor would matter, so I'm going to suggest the same thing I had to do to duplicate screens on my pair of GTX 550 Ti's.

    At first, I used a DVI to DVI for my monitor and a DVI to HDMI for my television. My cards have a DVI, VGA, and HDMI output. So I had to have one screen per video card. Absolutely no option or ability to clone, even with the Windows Key + P shortcut; it'd just end in a failure. I did some research and found that most nVidia GPU's can only clone from a single GPU. So, I tossed my HDMI cable from my PS3 into my first GPU along side the monitors DVI cable and the option instantly showed up in the nVidia control panel and the Windows Key + P shortcut works correctly as well.

    Maybe trying something similar to get both of the screens on a single GPU can work. I'm not absolutely sure of the 620's output scheme; but I imagine if it's anything like my GPU's, it'd have to be that way.
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