No need to buy expensive Radeon graphics card?

Here is my predicament, i want to save some cash on my rig. Since most people around here suggest upgrading graphics cards every 2-3 years (depens on your standards i know). Well truth is i'm not the crazy graphics kinda guy, i just like PC becasue i like the customization as well as the controls and types of genres. So, i do expect my rig to be able to basically play every game on high settings for atleast two years. Since graphics cards are usually the most worn out, and i would expect getting a 350-400 USD graphics card and having it go be low end but still playable in three years is not really good for me. But theres the background now heres my questions, Also i only have a 720p monitor and don't plan on getting a 1080p anytime soon

Will this setup be able to max out graphics for 2 years - also there are many types of 7950 does it matter if its 850 mhz compared to 925 mhz?

Is it worth spending the extra hundred for a 7970 ghz edition (its on sale- i know this question was in another thread)? I mean since i'm not buying a 1080p monitor.

Also judging by previous cards histories, how much longer will the 7970 ghz stay relevant as compared to the 7950? Will i save money by going with ghz edition in the long run if i want to consistently game on say.. medium settings?
How about a refurbished monitor from new egg like this...
or this
Will getting a 7950 with a refurbished monitor be a better option?
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  1. If your not overclocking then the stock speeds matter, if you are then you can just overclock the card to what you want.

    Since you dont have a 1080p monitor, I suspect getting a card above a 7850 will be fairly pointless. I actually recommend downgrading to a 7850 and getting a proper 1080p monitor. Because a monitor will last longer than the build and wont become obsolete like the computer will.
  2. Most people would consider a 7950 to be a very high end card.
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