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Is this a good price for the 560 ti?

I came across this card this morning but I'm a little hesitant on buying it. Does it seem like a good price for the card?


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  1. Before the rebate, it's a "good" deal.

    After the rebate, it's a great deal.
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    At first I Why pay $150 for a stock 560Ti? Then I looked closer and saw it wasn't a normal 560ti, instead it's a 560ti-448. Great deal!
  3. Its a great deal.

    I got mine for 130$ and does everything it needs too.

    So 448 will do even more. Get it asap
  4. I have the 560ti 448 - it's a great card!

    However, why would you get it when the 7850 1GB is around the same price?
    Roughly the same performance, but a newer generation with lower power consumption.

    For 10 bucks more, you could even get the 2Gb version:
  5. Should I wait for an even better deal?
  6. Ur budget is ?
  7. preferably under $200 seeing that it's black friday and I'm trying to get the best performance for the money so I thought this would be a really good card for $150 I wouldn't really want to pay an extra $50 for a 5% performance increase
  8. prototype18 said:

    What he/she said. 7870 under $200 is awesome! Do you need it? We don't know. I will tell you that everyone recommends spending more money.
  9. i'm going to stay away from AMD cause the last two 7870s both gave me bad experiences I am fine without all those ultra settings cause personally I can't really tell the difference between high and ultra that's why I'm looking for something cheaper which will satisfy something like high settings on battlefield 3
  10. Than get that deal that u found. I can play every game on ultra .Im really sattisfied with my GPU so 448 will be even better cuz is close to the 580
  11. I had a 560-ti, but it wasn't a 448. It could easily play BF3 on High w/ 60fps.
  12. I do play it on Ultra with 50+Fps sometimes they drop for a sec to 35fps. But thats my retarded 20$ CPU.
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