FPS stuck at 60 in Black Ops II on 7770


I just purchased a new HP Envy desktop computer with 10 gb ram, AMD Six-Core FX-6120 Processor, and I upgraded the graphics card with a Radeon 7770 - and a stronger power supply to handle it.

Unfortunately though, with the game set at lowest settings and vsync off, I'm still getting only 60 fps. The fact that it's capped there and not going above at any point makes me think some setting is screwed up. Especially since I can turn the settings up pretty high and it's still pretty smooth.

I've also already adjusted FPS max in game.

Help appreciated! Thanks
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  1. Did a little more digging around and fixed the problem. I tweaked multiple things, but I think it may have been vsync. I had it set to use application settings and assumed the game had it off, but it did not.
  2. Why do you want more than 60 fps ? i see no difference past that, besides your monitor probably is 60hz.
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