Question about a server used as a gaming system?

Hi everyone, I'm having an intention to buy an used system for gaming. I just saw this unit on eBay (item number: 180877249859) and wondering if it will work as a normal desktop computer and gaming system or not? I know that it is a server and was not built for casual using activities but the price is quite reasonable and that is about what I capable to pay for a system without the graphic card. Since I do not have much knowledge about computer hardware so I just want to ask for some questions first before having any decision. Thanks a lot for any help.

-The description stated that the motherboard of this unit is 'Quanta S45' but when i look for it's info on the Internet, i did not see much thing there. Anyone can help me to determine the version (1.0, 2.0, etc...) of it's PCI-E x16 slot? I saw on another thread that someone said if there is no info stated anywhere about the version of the slot in the manual so it properly should be v1.0, right?

-Can a v2.0 (or more than that) graphic card works backward with a v1.0 slot? if YES, how much terrible it will be compared to when it is plugged in the right slot version?

-The power supply of this server is 450w. It is capable for a middle graphic card (for ex: Geforce GTX 650)? What else should I know before buying a graphic card beside the power supply and the version of the PCI slot?

Sorry for my bad English.
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    You probably don't want to use a rack mount server as a desktop. Look into workstations. geeks dot com has some great ones like the hp xw8600. It is more expensive, but it would work a lot better for what you are doing. Also, you want to look for high GHz as that matters more than the number of cores when you are gaming.
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