Need advice on evga gtx 670 ftw

so my question is with a 3570k will it run any new games on the regular - high settings on 1080p??
i want to play baf3 (cod4 all) crysis 2 and 3 andassasins creed 3????from all games i wiill only playing baf3 on multiolayer all others on SPlayer....if you have any other suggestions please share with them....i'm buying only from budget is £300...MAX!!!!!many many many thanks in advance...ooohhh and if anyone can tell not precisely but if you can guess for how long will i be able to play on regular with this one???
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  1. I have same set up with gtx 670 ftw and you can run all games 1080p maxed out with good frames metro 2033 and such will still kick its butt at certain points maxed out but crysis 2 is 50-60 plus fps no problem, also dont rule out the amd 7970 some darn good buys on those, but I love my card
  2. EVGA’s GTX 670 FTW is really a graphics card for the win, or the FTW (For The Win) moniker is just a marketing ploy. GTX 670 and GTX 680 graphics cards use the GK104 GPU. EVGA set the GTX 670 FTW’s clocks at 1006MHz, which is the reference clock on the GTX 680. Naturally, performance can’t be the same because the GTX 670 comes with one SMX unit less. This means that the GTX 670 has 1344 CUDA cores while the GTX 680 has 1536 CUDA cores.

    Both the GTX 670 and GTX 680 feature identical memory subsystems, packing four 64-bit memory controllers (totaling at 256-bit) and 2GB of GDDR5. As i already said, EVGA’s GTX 670 FTW comes factory overclocked.You would be able to play all games on high or ultra settings @1920 x 1080.
  3. One other thing to add I think I read the card uses GTX 680 cooler and I can tell you it runs 20c cooler than my GTX 560 did and that was with my fan running 90-100% on the 560, 670 I have custom fan setting and card never goes past 70% and keeps it 60c or so even under heavy gaming. card does not make much noise, I did manage to overclock it further gained another 4-5 frames in unigine heaven benchmark
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