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A10-5800k Hybrid Crossfire

I'm looking into possibly building a low budget gaming rig with an A10-5800k
I've been looking to see which GPU can be used in hybrid crossfire with it, but I've even looked on AMD's website and I can't find anything...
Anyone know what can be used? I think a 6670 can be, but what about something better, like a 7670?
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    6670 and 7670 ARE EXACTLY THE SAME...

    See here:

    I think they would be fine for hybrid CF...
  2. Just a waste, if you want to buy a gpu, go with a pentium g850/g860+7750/7770 and you'll be better served.
  3. Ok, Thank you. I can't hyrbid CF anything about 6670/7670, right?
  4. why u wanna hybrid crossfire? it has very poor scaling in games and often results in serious micro stuttering
    either stick with APU only or CPU & GPU combo, however u can add a discrete GPU with APU without hybrid crossfire them
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