Help with finishing my build!


I'm about done with all the big decisions on my new build and am looking for a GPU and some other parts.
I kinda splurged online when buying my first parts.
The original intent was to do a sub-$600 machine, and I've already spent $400... So now I'm kinda strapped for cash.

What I just bought:
i5 3570K ($190)
ASUS P8Z77-V PRO ($145)
Rosewill HIve 650w ($66)

What I'm going to reuse from my old PC:
2 1gb of RAM
Front interface ports

This will mainly be a gaming computer, but will be also used for some graphic design & 3-D modeling.

Because my original plan seems unrealistic... I'm dropping it. Now I'm just looking for good parts to finish my build.
They don't need to be THE BEST, just quality parts. Perhaps there are some deals out there?
I am willing to sacrifice in places right now where it is easy to upgrade later.

Keep in mind I still have to buy:
8+gb RAM
1 SDD (boot)
Other things? (Am I being dumb?)

So, where should I go from there? Should I buy used or new?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Changed first post because it sounded dumb.
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