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Yesterday I spent half a day building a computer system and everything went according to plan hardware wise, bios recognises every component and no errors but drivers are sending me crazy... Basically once windows 7 install disc is inserted it comes up with a driver error saying A CD/DVD Drive Driver is missing then it gives you option to insert disc and browse for the driver so after a bit of research it turns out its actually nothing to do with the DVD drive but sata controller drivers so I inserted the driver disc that came with motherboard and used scan disc for browsers and nothing is found so I went to the sabertooth 990fx r2.0 website and downloaded the latest drivers to a disc and then scanned that disc but still nothing...

This is getting on my nerves and everything is working hardware wise just the os being a pain, we also tried window XP disc but got same result.

Please help, much appreciated.
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  1. Do you have any thumbdrive (>=4GB)? Installing windows using thumbdrive is faster with less error than using the disc.

    Using tools/software

    Manually (no software)
  2. I'll try that but anymore suggestions are welcome.
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