Please Help me with this Power Supply?

So here's what happened:

Last night I bought a new hard drive and added it to my PC, after browsing and the last thing I did was playing a 3D game ( Just Cause 2 ). I noticed that there's something burnt rubber smell inside my CPU after 30 - 45 minutes and my PC shutdowned. I gave my PC a cooldown for 1 hour and open it and the same thing happened. I keep doing that in 2 days until I decided to open my CPU and check where the burning smell come from. Finally the power supply was the susect! I cleaned the dusts all over inside the CPU and reconnect the wire of the power supply from the motherboard and start my PC , and now the burning smell was gone for 1 day. Next day I openedmy PC to play games but after 4 hours the problem occurs again and the smelly thing became worse and my PC restarts but when it is booting , a sparking sound was coming from the power supply and I started to panic and quickly unplug my PC.

Now I wanted to know :

Am I encountering this problem because I added a HARD DRIVE?
Does the other components like GRAPHIC CARD, HARD DRIVE and MOTHERBOARD was affected because of the failure of power supply?
Is there a POWER SUPPLY required for gaming?
Does my GRAPHIC CARD affects the power supply?
Please require me a Power Supply for this:

2 Hard Drives ( 500GB and 80GB )
Nvidia GeForce GT 630 Palit
Promac 1366x768
Of course I have Keyboard, Mouse and a Headset
My Power Supply is 500W I didn't know the brand but I think its a cheap one

Please I needed a solution for this problem.
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    Replace the PSU.

    A burning or ozone smell and it sparking is a fairly good sign its about to die. The fact you cant recognize any brand on it testifies to its low quality. A quality known for generic low quality supplies is that they die with a bang that will bring down the rest of your components with it.

    Your questions.
    Who knows, might be or it just decided now is the time to die.
    You wont know until you put in a new supply and see if it will start. If your lucky it will be fine, but be aware that the rest of the machine might be dead.
    No, but a good quality one is important for any system.
    If you had a powerful card then yes it would dictate what PSU you would have to get. A 630 is fairly low end, only has a tiny power draw.

    Heres a good unit.
    XFX Core 550W, 80+ Bronze. $70 ($10 rebate)
  2. I'm so worried to my graphic card T_T
  3. It will take a months before I can buy a expensive but good quality PSU ( co'z I'm a poor student )
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  5. If budget is a concern this is a cheaper but still decent quality unit.
    Antec VP450W. $39
    Though you will be fairly limited in your upgrade path on this unit.
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