Is this power supply compatible with radeon hd 7770

is the below power supply compatible with the radeon hd 7770

will this power supply be able to handle the radeon hd 7770 1 gb
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  1. And then some.

    That's plenty. The HD 7770 isn't all that thirsty.
  2. No. Stay as far away from CoolerMaster PSU's as possible.

    Edit: Read this review from Hardware Secrets. You'll see that the PSU burned up before they could even pull 600W from it. Coolermaster is guilty time and time again of lying on labels.
  3. would anybody recommend me a good psu budget $50-60
  4. boyabunda said:

    $37 ($17 after rebates) is a smoking deal. If you want more wattage for future upgrades the Antec EarthWatts 650W for $65 ($40 after rebates) is a great choice.

    Another option for more "oomph" is the big brother to the Corsair CX430, the Corsair CX600 V2 for $72 ($52 after rebate).

    Just remember that with Corsair "CX" is good "TX" is bad. Stick to the CX series and you're good to go.
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