Bluescreens on Startup

Here is the backstory, I had this system up and running perfectly yesterday but I just received a new heatsink in the post because my temps were a little high and I wanted to reduce them.

So I go ahead and change the heatsink and now im getting BSOD everytime I boot, I have wiped the operating system and reformatted using a usb but I just keep getting a blue screen. Im wondering if I have damaged anything.

Here is what I have done to rule stuff out:

Tested RAM in my other machine : Working
Tested Hardisk in my other machine: Working
Tried a different windows ISO to install: Failed Blue Screen

Tried using my hardisk from my working machine on this machine : Failed blue screen
Now I realise the last one may happen anyway but it indicated CPU or Motherboard to me as I know everything else is working

I have now taken off the heatsink again to see what the paste looks like and whether it was getting too hot. TEMPS in the BIOS were good and the application of the paste looks even and good. Now I have to redo this but may rule it out.

The BSOD errors I am getting are all different so I can't post, however it basically says its shutting down to protect your machine.

Any Ideas??

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  1. Sounds like you've damaged something during the replacement of the heatsink.

    Did you spill any thermal paste cleaner or accidentally catch any components while removing/fitting the heatsinks?

    On a less objective note, I once replaced the heatsink on a friend's machine, old AMD Athlon 3000 CPU and what happened was as the clamp had been set on the heatsink, it hadn't settled evenly and had applied more pressure to one side of the CPU than the other and was causing BSODs on startup. Simply removing the CPU, cleaning everything off and reseating it and replacing the heatsink with manually spread thermal paste was the solution, no harm done. Worth looking into maybe?
  2. Well I have rebuilt the thing from scratch, its either motherboard or cpu.

    Don't really see how I could have damaged anything :??:

    Took out the cpu and theres visually nothing wrong with it no paste or cleaner anywhere, all capacitors look okay in the mother board

    Im really stuck now, could it be power supply? I may try another one just to rule that out as well

    im seriously annoyed why can't stuff just work
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