Monitor/Graphics card problem

Hello , this my first ever post on toms hardware after hearing about the site of a friend and i have a slight problem with my computer.

My build is;
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor , 4GB ram and a nvidia GTS 450

so heres the problem ,
i turn my pc on and the fans work the leds light up and so do the lights on my keyboard and my mouse , but there is nothing on my monitor , yes everything is plugged in and its not my monitor i dont thinks the problem becuase i have my console that works fine on there as well . so what i have to do is turn my pc on then off then on then off untill my monitor acctualy picks up the signal and boots up. Then we it comes on it works fine , get max fps on games and films play fantastic im just not sure whats causing , also my drivers are all updated too.

Please if anyone can help message me on this thanks

Chris :)
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