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I have upgraded a 10 year old Acer Aspire Rc900 and i recently bought new RAM. Before this i searched my computer on crucial to see my RAM limits, it said my PC could take 4GB RAM and use 3.5GB(32-bit).So i ordered 4 GB RAM with the exact same spec just a different brand. I put all the new RAM in my computer and everything was perfect(so i thought).After a while my computer restarted(i ignored this thinking its a one off) It turned back on and when i tried to play a game it happened again. I tried the RAM in a different PC (same model) and the same thing happened. I took out 2GB RAM and it never restarted once.I ran memtest on all the RAM (2GB at a time) and it showed no faults. I researched the internet for a while and people talked about stablilizing RAM by increasing my RAM voltage( currently my voltage is 2.5v as thats whats required). Do you think this will help?
I then thought about my page file system. It currently runs using 2GB hard-drive. Does the RAM limit of the motherboard work by adding the RAM and the page file or do i need to up the voltage?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 2.5V is pretty high for RAM these days. I use gaming RAM that runs at 1.5V.

    Still, you had success running only 2 of the 4 sticks at a time and they didn't show any error on memtest so I'm inclined to blame compatibility issues between the RAM and motherboard, this can sometimes be solved by updating your BIOS but sometimes not at all.

    Out of curiosity what are the components you're using in your system?
  2. My current configuration is;
    -pentium 4 3.20GHZ soclet 478 CPU
    -HIS HD4670 AGP ICE Cool Edition
    -500GB IDE Hard-Drive
    -2GB 184Pin PC3200 RAM
    -Acer/Foxconn F89M

    If you need anymore info just ask.
    I tried updating my BIOS but when i inserted the iso disc i created the computer started to read it and said something about the bios and then the screen on the monitor said "Input not supported".
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