Hello, i want to buy this card:

Many people on forums talk about a jittering problem on windows desktop.
Look this example:

Do tou have this card? Do you have the same problem?

Im a casual gamer and is more important for me that windows work well...

Someone say its a driver problem, some one talk about a hardware factory setting. I dont find a solution on internet so im thinking to not buy it.
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  1. get and HD7770 instead.
  2. @Dheera the 7770 also has this problem.

    @Mik The video you linked to; it had the answer, albeit indirectly. Check out this thread ""

    Page 2 has the solution, around 1/3 down the page. The post is by "Deckard79".
  3. Weird. My friend bought one of these last week and got none of these issues. But then again, these people were running 12.6, when my friend has 12.11.

    Why? Maybe he doesn't have a PCI-E connector, like my friend.
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