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UX32VD driver corrupts/fries/breaks video hardware - is this possible?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 22, 2012 4:14:01 PM

My laptop is less than a month old. These guys are having the same problem:

They gave up and sent their laptops in for RMA - the thing is, without meaning to offend anyone, I think the conclusion they reached is wrong.

I'm no tech wizard, but it seems unlikely for something as innocuous as updating a driver to result in actual physical damage to a hardware component. I asked on Yahoo! Answers and someone who replies to a lot of technical questions agreed with me. Naturally, I'm here because you know more than I do.

Here's what happened to me (us, really, because our scenarios are exactly alike).
I was updating the Intel HD4000 on-board graphics card drivers when the screen when blank. After fifteen minutes, I powered it down and restarted it. The laptop booted normally and I could hear windows load, but I could not see anything on my LCD display. It is completely black/blank, as if the laptop were off.

I connected an external monitor via HDMI and that worked fine. When I attempted to toggle between 'external display', 'LCD', and 'both', I get an onscreen animation of my HDMI cable.

The first thing I tried was an uninstall/reinstall of my on-board and discreet graphics card drivers. I used Driver Sweeper in between installations, and ran all operations in safe mode.

The second thing I did was fiddle around with the 'display' commands in the control panel, adjusting resolution and whatnot. Nothing.

The third thing was an 'unseating'. I opened the laptop, disconnected the battery and RAM, and then reconnected them. Nothing.

The fourth thing I tried was to flash my BIOS. It flashed successfully using my Winflash utility. Nothing. After this, however, when I tell control panel to 'detect' my screens, it identifies two, as opposed to only my external, yet extending/switching the desktop to my LCD does not work.

The fifth thing I did was try to activate my laptop LCD using the toggle command (Fn & F8) in BIOS. Nothing.

The sixth was to run cmd and type chkdsk /f. This did not work either.

The last thing I tried was to reopen the laptop, disconnect the battery, and press the power button for 60 seconds. No go.

Everything I tried was recommended on other fora. Also recommended was to 'unseat' my CMOS battery or unplug the BIOS jumper, and while I have done both these things before on another motherboard in a PC, I can find neither on my Zenbook's motherboard. I guess they are on the underside of the motherboard. Seeing as how the laptop is so new, I don't feel confident/lucky enough to unscrew it from the laptop case and flip it over.

The following website claims I most probably (70%) have a failed LCD.

I don't understand how it is possible for this to be an LCD failure, because I was updating the graphics card drivers at the time, and the laptop is brand new.

Please weigh in on this... ask others, ask tech gurus on this site and wherever else there are fora. Please help us spread the word - this is a known issue: it's not just me! And it's a graphics card driver - one of the most updated software devices, so ASUS is looking at a potential disaster if this software really fries hardware.
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November 22, 2012 4:39:28 PM

It's new Just return it. You dont need the headache.