Are the HD 7770's safe now?

I'm about to buy an HD 7770 but I'm a bit cautious because in September there were a lot of problems with the card. After the revisions and updates, it seems to be fine now. Are the ones on the market updated, too? Can a Corsair 500W builder series handle it?

My budget is ~130$ so you can recommend cards if something is better than a 7770.
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  1. The 7770 is the best card in that range, and my friend has one, and it works completely fine on Catalyst 12.11. And yes a 500w PSU can definitely handle a 7770.
  2. There is a 7770 ghz edition on newegg right now at 69.99$

    Better card within the max budget :

    Both will do with the corsair 500w psu
  3. What problems with the cards are you referring to? I am unaware of any such issues with any of the 7000 series cards.
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