My gtx 560 runs too hot

i have evga gtx 560 ds ssc version non ti the temps on 27 inch moniter bf3 ultra setting temps were 98c
so i return it to the shop and they changed i thermel past temps were 88c on msi kombustor
is that normal or should i return it again ( fans on 100% )
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  1. Its a bit high. I have the Ti version of your card and never reached 80C on 70% fan.

    On 100% they drop to 68-70C

    Maybe u dont have enough airflow ?

    What is the Core clock / memory / voltage?
  2. its set on default and i have perfect airflow on my HAF case and i have airconditioner and i tried the card on diffrent cases and show same result
  3. The default of that card it higher than other :p so plz tell me your stats .Look them on Msi Afterburner
  4. i set it to default clocks from nvidia website
    bec i thought that was the problem
    but it gave same results
  5. What RPM are the fan running at 100 % ?

    And at other games ? When i play bf3 they get high too if i drop fan speed. The very first time i used it they went up to 90C on Auto Speed.

    Can u take a pic of the Msi afterburner ?
  6. I had a GTX 560 non ti and it too was hot, I had to run it 100% fan most of the time had it set so at 80 C to kick on 100% and it got there in a hurry. stress testing it would still break 90c with fan at 100% Enjoying my much cooler and quieter 670 ftw
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