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i got four ?'s about upgrades

i have a
asus sabertooth 990fx r2
fx 8350 cpu
hx 750w gold psu
8 gb ddr3 ram
radeon 7750 gpu
1 tb 7500 rpm hdd

1. thinking of waiting till i get tax's back and crossfire/sli 660ti or 7950 idk what way would be better though but i am partial to amd products lookin for opinions on the best card in these series and what one does better on top end gaming

2. as far as a aftermarket cpu cooler what recommendations would you all give? would like recommendations on water and heat-sink systems.

3. is 8 gb ram enough or should i get another two 4 gb sticks or just do two 8 gb sticks

4. and a ssd drive are they worth it for gaming im not worried bout the fast boot speed i boot fast enough now but do they help games?

thanks in advance for the input
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    1. The 660Ti and 7950 are fairly close in gaming performance, with a slight edge to the 7950. You could get either and not see overly much difference in performance.

    2. On a budget, something like a 212 EVO (~$30) is very good. There's not much point in buying a medium-end cooler IMO, jump straight to the high end and get a Noctua NH-D14 (~$80). Beyond that is the H100i (~$140), but for a small amount more you can get real watercooling which will perform much better in the form of an XSPC Raystorm kit (Depends which one you get, but I advise the RX240 kit at minimum which is $170 at

    3. For gaming 8GB is plenty, though RAM is cheap so upgrading to 16GB wouldnt be overly wasteful.

    4. An SSD wont benefit gaming performance, your FPS will not go up if the game is on the SSD. The primary benefits on an SSD is the faster boot times and just faster general system responsiveness. It really is noticeable how much slower a HDD based system is once you get accustomed to an SSD system.
  2. ^+1 But also wanted to add a ssd will help loading times. Some games do take awhile to load so it's more time playing instead of waiting but is dependent on your games. Once you go ssd you can never go back.
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