Wifi password lost, any suggestions?

Hello all,

So to elaborate my cousin setup my mother's wireless network a few years back. Recently my mom's laptop was uber infected, so instead of try to needle my way through the entire thing I just took the easy route and wiped it back to factory. Now my dilema is neither my cousin or mom remember the password to the protected network, any suggestions on how to possibly troubleshoot this? I'm a PC technician with very little experiance handling actual networking and have zero "cracking" abilities. I believe her PC is running Vista if this helps, any suggestions or short cuts would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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    All wireless routers have a switch that can be used to reset them back to the default factory settings. Either find or download the router manual, follow the instructions to reset it, then reset the password and secure it.

    THEN, do what I did for my mother, write the settings and password on the bottom of the router. . .
  2. Appreciate the help man, I'll definitley give it a shot tomorrow after work. :)
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