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Does HD 7750 2G better than 7770

Guys this is my last Q , does HD 7750 2G better than 7770 1G

I know 7770 is better but because the 2G of 7750. And I use 32 screen . so what is better


7750 2G
I'm talking about price.
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  1. No of course not.
  2. Sunius said:
    No of course not.

    Thank you, but that is 2G. is it the same as 1G. or because its old ?
  3. It's not old. Stop making new threads. HD 7770 is faster. Memory does not influence speed.
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    The memory type, however, does.

    1GB of GDDR5 is faster than 2GB of DDR3.
    512MB of GDDR5 is the same as 1GB of GDDR5. Same applies for ddr3.
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