Performance Issues on GTX560 ti

A few minutes after I launch a game (like Skyrim) the performance starts to drop quickly, even tho my fps drop is little (like ~4 frames). If I pause the game and unpause after a few seconds the lag goes away, but not for long.
I've already measured the GPU temperatures throuh HWMonitor, never went above 75ºC.
Also I'm running on the uptaded driver, 306.97. Using these settings. Tho it doesnt matter if I run on medium/low.
Another curious thing is how the lag is: every half second it "mini freeze" and like "compensates" with some kind of FastFoward.

My specs are:
- MB Asus M5A88V-EVO
- Phenom II X4 955
- 3x 2048mb Corsair 1600MHz
- GTX560 TI
- PSU Seventeam ST-850Z-AF

Things I've tried:
Formating the HD and installing it all back again.
Limiting the fps rate with nvidia inspector and setting the v-sync to force on (lag seems to disapear, but with a high amount of fps drop).
Setting the power management to "maximum performance".

TY in advance for your attention.
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  1. Just got these results from 3Dmark, maybe the cpu is damaged?
  2. It seems like you are having a power issue -- the PSU is not powering the GPU properly.
  3. jemm said:
    It seems like you are having a power issue -- the PSU is not powering the GPU properly.

    But the 3Dmark ratings for the gpu aint that low, the cpu score that is odd..
  4. It isn´t what the title suggests -- perhaps this topic should be moved to CPU then.

    Anyway your CPU is not that bad, but perhaps a bit old for the modern titles like Skyrim.

    So, as performance goes down, then you should consider to overclock it -- you may need a after market CPU cooler tough.

    Another good buy is a SSD -- it will help to load games scenarios faster, thus improving general performance.

    Good luck! :)
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