What do u recommend upgrading, max gaming


what do u recommend upgrading
my system is
q6600 @3.6ghz
DDR3 Kingstone 2x4 gb
Asus ENGTX 570
P45 Diamond motherboard
Seasonic X-760 power supply

Samsung 830 series256GB
WD Blue 500GB
X-Fi extreme audio pci-e

Or will a cpu and mobo upgrade be enough
i'm looking for the best price/perfomance

or maybe i should wait for the haswell cpu's
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  1. or maybe i should wait for the haswell cpu's

    the rumor says that haswell will come in the mid 2013, worth waiting or not, it is up to you...
  2. You need to tell us why you feel like you need to upgrade. The system you have currently is enough to play pretty much any game, and do office tasks, so the question is, what do you want more for ? Are you looking for drastic improvements in framerate ? (Probably require new CPU + Mobo + GTX 670 or 680 at least) Faster video encoding or better video editing performance ? Something else ?
  3. the problem with the system i have is, it cant support 2x4 gb memory
    so when i play ram demanding games like bf3, it randomly restarts

    so i was thinkin about upgrading my system
    i want to keep my gpu, maybe a sli setup if necessary

    what is the best cpu i can replace the q6600 with
    i have this cpu i think about 5 years now, so im lookin for a cpu
    that could go with atleast for 5 years
  4. so i searched the internet and found that most users are happy form upgrading from q6600 to 3570k

    what mobo goes best with the 3570k
    i want to make a 2 way sli in the future
    and i have a soundcard, so it doesnt have to be on the board
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    Gigabyte Z77x d3h is a good mobo. another choice can be the MSI G43. Go with a Z75 or Z77 mobo, so you can O'C the 3570k if neccesary. When O'C, dont use the stockcooler, get a Scythe Gen 3 double cooler with perfect performance

    Hope this helps you out.
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  7. k thx tr1x-

    that some info that i can go further with
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